The Nue Approach to GovCon Financial Scenario Planning

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It's Simple

Nue performs complex calculations and delivers the information you need — fast. Information is available to answer your most important scenario questions so you can start executing now.

Integrate with your current software to keep your business running smoothly.

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Visualize Your Path Forward

Introducing the financial scenario platform that delivers the information you depend on to make informed decisions

Government contractor compliant budgeting

Designed uniquely for government contractors, Nue helps you prepare budgets that are compliant with DCAA and ready for management, bankers, and board members in a flash. Cut the budgeting process down by 50% and up to 70% for future years.

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3.

How it works

With a scalable forecasting platform, Nue allows for an unlimited number of scenarios. Don’t set each scenario up from scratch. Instead, quickly copy from one scenario to another for incredibly rapid budget setup. Or copy to the next year to do detailed multi-year planning in record time. Customize assumptions by year or use assumptions from the previous year.

  • Nue has a wide variety of budget basis of estimates to apply to your accounts.
  • Support assumptions are included for working capital and fixed assets.
  • An integrated pipeline allows you to capture new business estimates factored by probability of win (pWin).
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Keep your estimates fresh

Interactive forecasting lets you easily reforecast estimates during the budget period to keep pace with changing conditions.

Integrate With Your Accounting System

Integrated Pipeline

Export to Excel for additional flexibility

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Management reporting

Share data and collaborate with others across multiple devices. Deploy to any number of users, inside or outside your organization, with secure authentication.

Trend Reporting

Variance Reporting

Waterfall Reporting

Indirect Expense Reporting

Accrual to Cash Tax Conversion

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GovCon Compliance and Pricing

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Financial analysis

Don’t just see the data; engage with it. Nue provides a set of interactive visualizations tailored to help you see results fast.

See Key Insights

Critical gap analysis

Run comparative reports and view comparative charts

Measure What Matters

Featured Content

DCAA Estimating System Audit

Let Nue give you an edge in meeting the DCAA Estimating System Audit criteria.

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The tools you need to deliver the financial information you need - fast.

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