Explore Better Insights – Introducing Nue Information

Nue Information

In GovCon, data is everything – and Nue is here to help you explore and understand it. Nue’s cloud-based financial platform for government contractors makes financial forecasting a breeze by delivering the information you need to make smart, quick decisions for your business.

With Nue, Financial Scenario Planning is Fast

Designed uniquely for government contractors, Nue enables you to quickly prepare financial forecasts that interface with Unanet and are ready for management, bankers, and board members. It’s a uniquely scalable platform that produces DCAA-compliant indirect rate forecasts and key business analytics, helping you execute instantly. The upshot? You’ll immediately cut your budget process by 50% and up to 70% in the years to come.

Nue levels up your operations with:

  • Up-to-date estimates
  • Management reporting
  • GovCon Compliance and Pricing
  • Financial analysis

Highly Scalable with Unlimited Scenario Planning

Scale up your forecasting with Nue’s unlimited scenario-planning tool. No more setting up each scenario from scratch. Instead, quickly copy from one scenario to another for rapid budget setup, or copy to the next year for fast, detailed multi-year planning. Nue even lets you customize assumptions by year or use assumptions from the previous year.

With Nue, you can also:

  • Apply a wide variety of budget basis of estimates (BOE) to your accounts.
  • Leverage integrated support assumptions for working capital and fixed assets.
  • Capture new business estimates factored by probability of win (pWin) via an integrated pipeline pricing module.

Embrace a Nue World of Financial Forecasting

Stop second-guessing data and start exploring it instead with Nue. Our innovative, scalable platform gives you a window into every possible future to identify the best path to the top and set out knowing that you’re fully prepared. With us, your GovCon business can enjoy stellar views – from great heights.